Do You Really Need A Renovation Contractor For Your HDB Home?

Singapore is a house of numerous renovation companies. If you are looking to get your home renovated this season, then selecting a particular HDB renovator contractor in Singapore can be a daunting task. Hiring a renovation company is an important step towards getting a dream home. Unless and until you won't find a good quality renovation company, it may not be possible to attain desirable outcome. Thus, a careful analysis and market knowledge is very important when choosing the best company.

When you are looking to hire a HDB renovator contractor make sure to:

  • Make a list of exactly what you want done. Remember that changing plans in the middle of a project will cost extra money
  • Set a clear budget
  • Ask for recommendations from friends and neighbors
  • Consider dealing with a local company. This may make it easier to check references, enforce a warranty or have follow-up work done
  • Get written estimates from at least 3 contractors
  • Never accept an estimate over the phone or without the contractor inspecting the area
  • Remember that good contractors ask a lot of questions so they can understand and plan out the project. For example, in driveway paving, they should ask if any heavy vehicles will be parked on the driveway
  • Not go for a deal that sounds too good to be true

Remember that in Singapore you are required to engage a HDB registered renovation contractor to renovate your flat for works including those that do not require a renovation permit. Look out for contractors who are educated on the different styles and requirements of modern and retro housing. They need to be able to represent your vision through drawings or sketches. We're not looking for a renowned artist here. However, a contractor who is able to visualize your idea or at the very least, relate it to his designer who is then able to put to paper what you want is very important.

A HDB renovator contractor who takes the time to understand your wants and needs and who is able to advise you on improvements or pitfalls is someone you'll want on your team. Be wary of contractors who tell you to tear down walls or relocate your bathtub to an odd location (it happens). Tearing down walls is going to cost extra so some contractors are literally going to be milking you as much as they can. Avoid such hassles by not hiring these types.

The contractor's experience is important but not as important as you might think. This is something you will need to consider when you speak to them. There are contractors new to the industry who can not only do a good job but are able to dedicate more time to you as opposed to highly experienced individuals who may enter a job complacently because of bigger contracts and may not want to spend much time dealing with you when they can be negotiating with high-rollers.

Take your time to source for contractors and get to know them. You need to be able to trust the one you hire as much as you can trust your best friend, preferably more since you'll be paying him thousands and thousands of dollars.