Shadow Falls: Born At Midnight
By: C.C Hunter


When Kylie Galen is sent to a camp for "troubled teens" her world turns upside down. She learns that she isn't human. She sees a boy turn into a unicorn, a girl with fangs, and hears talk of werewolves. Her roommates turn out to be a witch with hair that's three different colors, and a moody vampire who can't stand witches. It's not a camp for troubled teens, its a camp for adolescent supernatural freaks. Once she learns that she isn't there by mistake, her world turns upside down. Not only does she struggle with her identity crisis, she has to make a choice: Derek, the sweet half-fairy, or Lucas, the seemilngly distant werewolf that has an intersting past with her? And then she starts seeing ghosts, or rather, the ghost of her father, who she never met, and had never even heard of for 16 years. Kylie's mom and "dad" get a divorce - he had been cheating on Kylie's mother with a girl not even 5 years older than Kylie herself. On this journey for self discovery, Kylie learns many things, who to trust, the truth, and most imoportantly, who she is.


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C.C. Hunter's bestselling series takes place in Texas, United Sates of America.


"Mourning Doves," by Mikky Ekko, describes this book because many of the scenes take place in the early morning, also, Kylie often wonders what she did to deserve to be in the camp. At first, she didn't enjoy being in the camp, but she eventually grew to love it. The mood of this song fits the biginning and most of the middle of the book.

This song relates to the book because Kylie learns that she is seeing the ghost of her father, Daniel Brighten. At first, she only sees her father's ghost, but as her power develops and time goes on, she starts to see more of the elusive appriations. She often feels a sensation of loss after the ghosts leave, which is described through the song lyrics. Sometimes, she sees snippets of the ghosts past, visions, which is also expressed through the lyrics.

This song relates to the book because most - if not all - of the characters, are born at midnight, which is one of the things that marks a supernatural. In the book, it is mentioned several times that being born at midnight is important. This is a key factor in the book, as its titled "Born at Midnight."

This song relates to the book because Kylie can sense when the ghosts come to see her, no matter where she is - her mom's car, her cabin, the middle of the woods. Kylie grows into accepting her powers and making it so that the ghosts dont frighten her anymore. This song fits the book because Kylie is basically "in her own house," whenever these ghosts visit her.

This song relates to the book because there is a point in time when Kylie starts to think that everything is going to end up badly, but both Derek and the camp leader tell her that its all going to be okay. Kylie slowly grows into getting used to the fact that she lives with paranormal freaks and begins to calm down as


"I loved it"

"Great read! I love the mixture of all the fantasy creatures!!"

"Will definitely read the next books! Thank you for the great read!"

"Loved this book so much"

I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars. I'd give it all five because I enjoyed the writing style, plot, and charcater development. Anyone who enjoys a good supernatural story would enjoy this books, especially with the writing style.

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i like what you said about the book, it sound like a good read