7th Grade 2014-2015

By Bella Benz

Top 10 Moments

1. One of my favorite memories of seventh grade was Outsiders' Day.  It was so much fun seeing the whole grade dress up as greasers and socs, except for the downers who came in their regular lame clothes.  I dressed up as a greaser and I looked so ugly!  The games were really fun, but Mr. Kowalski didn't dress up as Cherry, so that was disappointing.

2. When we had a substitute in Kwal's class and we were coloring our Outsiders Four Square Metaphor because we were goofing off the whole time and my table made this funny video on my phone. (It was during a break! Please don't be mad at us!)  

3. Julia's birthday party was another one of my favorite memories in 7th grade.  She took me and a bunch of our friends to the Melting Pot in a limo! We all had to dress up and opened her presents in the limousine.  It was so much fun and the food was delicious.  

4. The Radio Dramas for reading were such a great time and I really enjoyed creating it.  My partners in crime were Maddy Journey, Graci Skala, and Madeline Peters.  I played past Beth Miller, a girl who was hit by a car that her alcoholic father was supposedly driving.  Maddy played the present Beth Miller, who is the same girl, but now is a psycho path.  Graci played the news reporter and Madeline played the doctor.  We did a wonderful job and it was so exciting getting to play the creative characters that we did.

5.  My favorite memory outside of school in my seventh grade year was Sisters' Weekend.  Sisters' Weekend is a long weekend my mom and her 3 sisters go on every November.  For the past two years, my cousin, Gianna, and I have had the privilege to come with them.  That privilege comes at a price, though.  Not only do we have to take off from school, but we also have to help can tomatoes on Canning Day in August.  It's completely worth all the work because we get to spend four days in Naples Florida!  My Nonno (grandpa) was down there and he made us homemade meals every day.  Soaking up the sun and eating like a king is definitely hard to beat!

6. This year was a great year because I started women's lacrosse.  My brothers play and my dad played lacrosse when he was in college and is coaching Maison's team.  This year I decided to see what all of the fuss was about, and now I understand why they all play!  Lacrosse is so much fun and I've made a lot of new friends!  I play attack and am a wing (high attack) most of the time.  I've had a bunch of assists and I've made some goals too! I can't wait to play  next year and hopefully in high school too!

7.  Another one of my favorite memories was the Winter Formal. The formal is a part of this list because I was able to go with one of my best friends, Savannah.  She wasn't going to go at all, but I was able to convince her to come with me. I also loved the formal because I had gotten my dress with my mom and Mrs. Noah, who is like another mom to me.  The actual dance was exciting and awesome because I just got to hang out with my friends the whole time.

8. Outside of school, one of my favorite memories was going to work with my mom.  I go into work with my mom once a year and I love getting to see what she does when she goes to work.  I had to organize the file cabinet, organize the mail, label files, and shred a ton of papers.  I never realized how hard my mom has to work!

9. This favorite memory is pretty obvious because I haven't met one kid who doesn't love a good snow day! Snow days are the best because we can sleep in and be lazy all day. I don't have any specific memories of what I did on a specific snow day, but I do know that snow days are the greatest. Who wouldn't want a free, unexpected day off from school. One thing I've learned from 7th grade is that you have to take the little victories in life, like snow days.

10. My last memorable moment was the faculty vs. eighth grade basketball game. I enjoyed it because we got to skip some of our class time to watch a game and be with our friends. I sat by Rachel and Maddie and I had so much fun talking to them and watching the game. It was really exciting watching the eighth graders take on the faculty. I had such a fun time and can't wait to see it again with our class next year!


1. One or my memorable moments in HELA was the Uglies Face.  I enjoyed this project because it was a fun and creative way to show our learning, without all the work.  Being able to express our thoughts through pictures was a brilliant idea.  This project took a huge weight off all of our backs and it also told us that Mr. Kowalski actually understands the stress we all go through in 7th grade.  The most challenging part of this project was having no guidelines and so much freedom to do what we wanted!

2. The other project that I enjoyed was the Best Picture project.  That was the project that we had to go around the classroom and our house and take pictures of everyday objects.  I had such a good time taking pictures of everyday sights and making them into something more.

Core Classes


Art was one of my favorite classes this year (after reading of course).  I have always loved making art and art class.  Mrs. Seitz is the best art teacher because she lets us think freely and be creative however we want. The projects we did this year were each unique and challenging in their own ways.  We had to draw a giraffe in the beginning of the quarter and at the and see how they compared, we created a mandala, and drew three-dimensional rooms. All of them were fun and I learned new techniques with each of them.

Social Studies

Social Studies was another class that I liked because the topics that we learned were interesting and Dr. Bates did a good job of teaching us all the concepts that we needed to learn.  My favorite time period that we learned about was the Renaissance because I loved learning about all the knowledge and culture that came flooding back into the minds of the Renaissance men and women.  I also favored social studies because Dr. Bates was always fair with the assignments that he gave us.  He knew we had other classes that gave out homework and tests, so he went easy on us when we were swamped with things to do.  Dr. Bates also gave out many extra credit opportunities and test corrections after each major test.  That takes away a lot of stress for some of us because it ensures us a good grade in social studies.


Favorite Activity

My favorite activity at camp was Outdoor Cooking, even though I was awful at it.  My first hobo pie I burned because Jack told me it was done and you can never tell a girl what to do, so I put it back in the fire and burned it.  My second attempt ended in failure as well because I'm obviously not good at managing time.  I started to get very discouraged because this was the activity I was looking forward to the most and I kept failing it.  It ended up being okay though, because Mrs. Miller made me a hobo pie and Luke made me a banana boat.  The food was delicious and even though I messed up a lot, I still had a ton of fun!

Favorite Evening Activity

Although all of the evening activities at camp were equally entertaining, my favorite one would have to be Skit Night.  It was really funny seeing all of my classmates perform with their camp groups on stage.  Jamie's group was by far one of the funniest ones because they were making fun of a couple of teachers that stayed in our lodge during camp.  It was funny seeing them try to imitate Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Horn, and Mrs. Kosiorek.  My group did a skit where we made fun of camp itself.  I had to be the narrator and pretend that I was writing a letter to my parents while I was at camp.  The rest of my group would twist my words into something that was making fun of the camp and act it out in the background.  It think that our skit ended up being really funny and I'm glad we did it.

Least Favorite Part of Camp

My least favorite part of camp was being away from the rest of my lodge.  I loved having three groups in one cabin because it made everything three times more fun!  Also, when I was away from the rest of the lodge, I didn't get to see my other friends.  The nights were the most fun because everyone got to be together!

A la Carte

Who's Who?

- Mr. Ross: Mr. Ross is crazy about track and will do whatever it takes to get you on the team.  He is a good gym teacher who doesn't like to hear complaints and will push you to do your absolute best.

- Dr. Bates: Dr. Bates completely understands the stress we face each day as 7th graders.  He will give out many extra credit opportunities and will let you fix your mistakes on your tests.  During testing week, he gets that we are under a lot of pressure, so he makes sure you are relaxed in his class by letting us watch videos about the topics we are studying.   

- Mr. Kowalski: Mr. Kowalski is an amazing reading and language arts teacher.  He goes beyond the classroom with our lessons and makes us think about how the lesson can pertain to real life.  I have learned so many things from his class that I will be able to use and reflect on later in life.  I will always remember Mr. Kowalski as a teacher who gave us an insight to the future.

- Mr. Klimkowski: Mr. Klimkowski is a laid-back kind of teacher.  He is notorious for telling us stories about his past to help us learn the lesson.  Don't derail him, though, or he won't be a happy camper.   

- Mrs. Grumbos: Mrs. Grumbos was always willing to help us better understand the math during our study halls and free time.  She always tries to throw in little jokes here and there, so be prepared.  Class was always run smoothly and efficiently under her guidance.

Survival Guide

1. Cell Phones: Only use your phone for school work.  The teachers will catch you and take it away.

2. Dress Code: Follow the dress code at all times.  The ladies' dress code must be followed very strictly or you will have to change.

3. Gum: We all want to chew gum sometimes, but they really started cracking down on gum chewers this year.  Keeping the halls clean from gum is very important and should be followed all the time.

4. Dating: You're too young.  Saying, "Hi" in the hallways is not a date.  Focus on your grades and sports instead.

5. Hygiene: If you really want to impress someone, put on some deodorant.  They will think that you are a respectable person for caring about your B.O., but not going overboard with the cologne or perfume.


Get ready because I am an expert at this!
- Choose your seat wisely: Sit with generous people so you can eat their food

- Packing: If you pack your lunch, make sure to bring extra for your friends that like to steal food.

- Buying: If you buy your food, bring a buddy in line.  They will keep you company and make things less awkward.  Also, be honest with your purchase because the lunch ladies might reward you with a free cookie.

- Manners: Have proper table manners when eating.  No one wants to eat with a slob, so make sure to eat as if you were having tea with the queen (well, maybe not THAT fancy).


The heart is like a semicolon; it continues on when the mind thinks it's over.

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nothing gold can stay.  Over the course of this year, this poem was jammed into my head and would refuse to get out.  This poem has taught me a lot about life and that all good things must come to an end sometime.  When I think back to my 7th grade year, this poem will be the first words I think of, and then all the beautiful memories will come flooding back.  These words will be my 7th grade experience; these words will forever be a part of me.

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2 years ago

Great Job!! I really like your survival guide and all of your pictures and videos.

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I love all these photos!!!! Especially the gum one! 😂

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that video was just precious

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I love all of your pictures!! I also loved the survival guide!!!!!!

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Memory: You are a great person to talk to! Our 2 hour conversation was great and I will never forget! I am so jealous of how creative you are. The birthday card was priceless, and we need to get together over the summer. You have many personalities, ...nice, respectful, happy, hyper, listener, forgiving, and so, so much more! I would say "You be you," but you wouldn't know which one to be, so I'll say: "You be Bella Benz."

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Hilarious survival guide. I loved the massive amount of pictures you added. So many details really engaged the reader. I love your presentation. Great job!

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have a great summer

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Good job! Your Tackk is well organized and has a lot on it.

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Bella: You are such an amazing person. You are so nice and pretty, and you get everyone. You are so smart I'm jealous😃 I hope you have the best summer and we need to hang out this summer!!😛 😉

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I laughed out loud so many times. Between the many pictures, the humor, and the amazing precept, I found myself spending a lot of time grading this...but I enjoyed every moment of it. This was a great way for you to end the year! I'm proud of you.😃