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Rooney praised Barcelona the best Lionel Messi than Ronaldo's new signing brain-dead annoyed Ferguson

Although the Premier League has ended, but some players have to continue to train, because England was to play in the European Cup qualifier Switzerland team; therefore, cheap fifa 15 coins these three lions players have to want to go on holiday, it is necessary to make it through the game! However, there is one exception, he is Wayne Rooney, because of accumulated yellow cards, Manchester United forward suspended for not playing European Cup qualifier, which means chubby parade celebrating the Premier League title with Manchester United fans after entering their holidays. United Kingdom media revealed that in Rooney at the start of the holiday vacation in advance prior to the interview with talkSPORT, the host is the famous Andy Gray, some time ago, he fired from discriminating against women by sky television, now at talkSPORT mixed meal in the show, Rooney would mainly focus on communications with the host is just the last Champions League final. It is well known that Manchester United took half home, eventually 1-3 defeat to Barcelona, the losing Champions League, scored the only goal for Manchester United's Wayne Rooney. The Champions League final, Manchester United still have a little bit in the first half against the second radical rifles, game, Wayne Rooney's team is nothing short of a complete defeat. Strength for Manchester United than Barcelona, who Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney admitted it was true. "Losing the Champions League final, it really hurts me, I watched the video once again after the game, which can help me to learn more things. There is no doubt that the game to everyone's disappointment, you have to admit that they are a better team, Barcelona is the most I had ever encountered a team. ”