Play this video while reading the presentation or just watch the video and than read the presentation how ever you want.

Legoland Germany

Get your blocks together and a German dictionary, because this is about to get..... "WOW"......did you see that OMG is that what I think it is. (this is you when you are there)

Lego land is a very fun spot for you and your family. They have a lot of fun stuff there like a pool, bowling center, restaurants, and many more.

Click on the link to see the map and the web site and explore it online.

You can go to the Jungle in one day...

...Fight Darth wader. >:-)

...try to jump on this train for a ride. (You may get in trouble for doing so because it may break)   ;)

You can watch a Lego soccer game.

The best part is that you can have all this fun with your family.

So don't just sit here and read this, make plans, go there and have fun with your Loved ones.

Hold that idea you should still look a this presentation.

These are some of the rides.

These are more rides and more.


Here is a link to the Restaurants there.

This link is for the hotel that you want for your trip if you are staying over night or longer.

So grab a  towel,swimming suit, camera, and your family.Than jump in your car and race to Lego land Germany because nothing is more fun than Lego land Germany.Hope you like it there.

These are just a few Lego characters Deadpool is my favorite one.

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