The Sun

                                                                           The Sun

The sun has very many parts to it they are the Corona,Sun spots,Solar flare,Core,Prominence,Photosphere and Chromoshere.

Down below you will see that there is some thing is flaring out of the sun                               It is called the Prominence  this happens when the sun spots get to the surface and go over the edge.

The Prominence can be very big or very small depending on how small/big the sun spots are.

Prominence are not solar flares and solar flares are not prominence.

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this one is a very large one on the sun because the sun spot is very large when it rolled over the side of the sun

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The core is very hot

The core is 15,000,000

The total mass of helium prouduced by nuclear fusion in the sun

Nuclear fusion happens in the core

There is enough hydrogen fuel in the core to last the sun 10 billions years

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These are sunspots

Sun spots are areas of gas on the sun that are cooler than gases around thm

Sun spots can be large or small depinding on the areas of gas

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This is the photosphere

It can get up to 5000-8000

This is the part that you see it makes the light

You can not see it because it is on the in side of the sun

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This is a solar flare

This is very diffrent from the prominence it is not the same thing at all it is very diffrent

A solar flare happens when gases on the sun to millions of degress c

Hydrogen gas explodes

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this is the corona

this is the part that looks silver in the picture

it gets up to 2,000,000

this is the crown of the sun

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And lastly the chromoshere

This is the surface of the sun

5,000-10,000 degress

the color part of the sun that we see

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