Catholic Social Teachings

By: Skylar Clark

The Four Teachings

Personhood: being created by God, having a unique creation, and having a dignity.

                       example: You made something by yourself and showing dignity and pride in                                             it.

Common Good: Having respect for a person, having healthy interactions, and peace and                                 security.

                              example: Having 2 cookies left and giving 1 to your friend.

Solidarity: Having friendship and social charity, and belonging to one another.

                     example: Being friends with someone you just met.

Subsidiarity: The local level of authority should be making a decision that affects that                                 level.

                          example: The local government makes decisions about the schools.

St. Elizabeth of Hungary

St. Elizabeth of Hungary showed social justice through her compassion and love for others. She gave everything extra to others who weren't as fortunate and respecting them as a person. She also showed social justice by having friendship and social charity, and belonging to one another.

Activities We Can Do

You can give money to the Salvation army. You can give things to NEK-cap or the food pantry. You can support the local government so it will make its own decisions.

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