Finger Sight Robots

The idea behind finger sight is for people to interact with interact with the digital world with the touch of there finger tips. The robots work envelope is bascilly the whole finger or hand depending on how of these things you have on your finger.

This robot can help the visually impaired or the blind communicate with other people. This robot can help the blind by feeling physical features of the enviorment.

This robot has one sensor and that sensor is the camera in the front of the mechanism. As far as jobs is concerned tis robot can help people who work with computers or even secretaries.

Some advantages to this robot are working from your computer hands free and it is much faster for people who are slow with a mouse, and like before it can help the blind. Some disadvantages to this project are if one is broken or lost it is kinda costly to replace

For this robot in the future it can probably go farther and even control cars and other vehicles one day but we may never know only the future will know.

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