Cell phone case design

Create your own 3D printed cell phone case

3D printed phone case

Project Outline

Your challenge:

Buying a new smartphone case can be a waste of money or maybe you don't like any of the case designs. For this project you will invent a cool smartphone case that will make your phone look like it is on the cutting edge.  You need to follow the design process to create the perfect new case that fits and functions properly with your phone.

What is the design process

Industry professionals use the design process to understand their audience and create a design that meets their needs.  Work your way through the Prezi on the Engineering Design Process.  You will watch a video on the design process, once the video is over begin working you way through the engineering design process.

Begin the design process

Now start working your way through the design process steps. Follow the process throughout this project. You can use the internet to research designs.

Sketch 2 designs

You are required to sketch 2 different designs for your cell phone case.  Use Microsoft OneNote or a scrape piece of paper to sketch the design of your case.  All sketches must include multi-view drawings and dimensions.  You need to have me check your 2 designs before you can start modeling your prototype.


Start modeling your prototype using Autodesk Inventor, follow your sketches with dimensions.

Print Prototype

Print and test your prototype for form, fit, and function.

Redesign cell phone case

Redesign cell phone case following the design process and make  the necessary modifications to ensure your phone fits into your case.  Document the necessary changes for your phone to properly fit into your case.

Print final design

Print off your final design and insert phone. After you have printed off your final phone case turn it in along with your prototypes, sketches, and necessary documents.  Once I am done grading your project I will return everything back to you.    


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