Welcome to Cell City!

By Logan, Rachel, Jared

This is Cell City a peaceful place. Where Mayor Nucleus is about to have something big built in Cell City.

Mayor Nucleus wants to builders to build a Dam all around the city to stop floods. So the Nucleolus Building Company got to work. First though they needed to get supplies  from the Ribosomes factory.

So they went to the factory, bought the supplies, and had them send it to the work site. Then the builders got another call from the mayor asking them to build a tunnel trough the dam to travel around. The mayor wanted it to be called, Endoplasmic Reticulum tunnel.

After all the supplies was found the factories had them delivered by the Golgi Bodies/delivery men. Then after the builders got the supplies and got started they wanted to have a lunch break so they drove to  Mitochondria Mart , the local super market.

When the Vacuoles/trash man came to clean up the super market from the builders mess. The builders left and went back to work. Only to see some Lyosomes/kids vandelizing all the work they did, cell by cell. So they called the Cell Membrane police station and reported what had happened.

So the police called the Chromatin fire station just in case and went to the work cite. then they caught the kids responsible had them clean up and called there Chloroplasts/parents to  "capture" there kids and take them home.

Finally, when the builders finished the wall and the tunnel they told the mayor. The mayor, delighted, then planed an opening ceremony for the new dam and tunnel. He invited the cell membrane, chromatin, nucleosis, mitochondria  ribosomes, golgi bodies, chloroplasts, lysomes, and vacuoles.  At the ceremony he thanked everyone for playing an important part in helping with building of the dam and tunnel. Then he congratulated them for helping him keep the city functioning. then he announced the name of the new dam and tunnel. They were called the Cell wall and the Endoplasmic Reticulum tunnel. That is how Cell city funcutions as a city.


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