Blair Winkler - Digital Editing

Value: Bravery

In this class I learnt about values, digital editing and creating an online portfolio.

I found appropriate photos about bravery on the internet. We so learnt how to edit digital photos with and used to create an online portfolio to share  our learning.

This cat is very brave because he is walking in front of German Shepard Police Dogs

These dogs don't want to attack this cat because it belongs to a wizard.

I added some wizardry flames and a howling dog as well as some fireworks.

A rebel soldier  going up against an imperial A.T.A.T.

I added stars and skull and bones as well as zigzags, blood and flames.

This is a squad of marines in Afghanistan or Iraq.

I added comic affects and blood as well as skull and bones, zigzags, anchor and speech bubbles.

This is a picture of group of men at Gallipoli in WWI.

I added fireworks and flames to make it look like burning history.

This is a collage of my pictures before they were edited.

This is a collage of my pictures after they were edited.

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