Rulers and Tape Measures

Daniel Morales

On July 14, 1868, the design of a spring measuring tape in a circular case was patented by Alvin J. Fellows of new homed. This was the first United States patent for a spring tape measure but Fellows’ patent was actually just for an improvement to an earlier design. The original invention was English and Fellows’ improvement to it was a new way to attach the spring clip, allowing the tape to be locked in any position until the clip was released. Because it was expensive, this type of measuring tape did not immediately replace folding wooden rulers but it was the basis for the locking steel tape measures used today.

what is a tape measure

n 1839, a Charles White was transported for stealing this tape measure. Charles was 22 years old when he was tried on 26 June, 1837, at the Oxford Court of Sessions. He sailed on the 'Portsea' on 24 July 1838 from Plymouth, bound for New South Wales. He arrived in NSW on 18 December 1838 after a voyage of 140 days. The surgeon on that ship was Thomas Bell. The first fleet of penal convicts left Britain for Australia in 1788, and the arrival at Port Jackson on 26 January 1788 is celebrated as Australia Day and the founding of Sydney. Transportation officially ended in 1868.

What a Tape Measure Does

A tape measure is a portable measurement device used to quantify the size of an object or the distance between objects. The tape is marked along the tape edge in inches and fractional inches, typically in quarter-, eight-, sixteenth-inch increments. Some tape measures are marked in millimeters, centimeters, and meters on one edge.

how to use a tape-measure

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Which of the following enabled a more accurate measurement of a book?

a. Protractor.

b. Wood rule.

c. Steel rule.

d. Tape measure.

The longest line on an imperial scale ruler represents a whole inch, while the shortest line represents a ________.

a. each additional inch

b. millimeter

c. fraction of an inch

d. centimeter

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