Centennial Break started from July 14 - August 4, 2014.


It all started because Iglesia ni Cristo will be celebrating their 100 years anniversary on July 27, 2014 in the PHILIPPINE ARENA, the largest arena in Asia.


I'll show you what I did this past weeks in my mini vacation, and because I'am not an INC member I can't participate in any events that the masscomm department will be having even though I want to help but It's okay at least my INC friends and classmates enjoy what they were doing and they can serve and praise god with all of their heart.

I had the chance to enjoy the beautiful sunset and had a family bonding with my family in swimming and thank god "hindi ako nalunod nanaman" because I have this small phobia before I got drown in the swimming pool and I almost die.

I went to a birthday party in Bulacan. It was really great and got the chance to be a little kid again and to see jollibee. Hahaha. :)

And not to be funny at all but I got to eat Ice cream again with my family. :)

I had the chance to watch the very kind of boring but somehow great movie "She's dating the Gangster" because it's my sister's favorite loveteam and she wants to watch it in cinema.

My siblings and I got to bond again and eat in MCDONALD'S in Fairview terraces. :''> It's very often that I got to bond with them because of school stuffs and we are always busy at home.

I also got to bond with my very cute cousin and I was the one who put him to sleep. Awww! I will miss him soo much. :'( They say that I look like him. LOL!

I also had the chance to cookan Aglio e Olio pasta, Pasta is my thing. I love to cook sometimes and bake. :">

And the break was kind of boring that's why I kinda think of an idea to just cook what was left and make something out of it. That's why I made these and I don't know what this is but my sister said its very tasty and delicious. HAHAHA!

And even though I'am not an INC member, INC will always be a part of my life. That's why I always watch the news and got the same feelings they have in celebrating their centennial anniversary. :)

I also had the chance to reunite once again to my elementary friends no matter what happen they will be always part of my life even though we sometimes see each other and we are apart. They will forever be in my heart. They were my first true friends. We saw each other not just to reunite also because our friend sheikinna will be migrating in USA and she was the one who initiate to meet is for the last time and she also the one who help me and gave me advice to solve some issues with my other friend who was not in the picture. But after that, the issue between my friend and I was solved and at least I know she is happy, I will be contented and Hoping that the right time will come for her to forgive me.

And my little brother has been hospitalized and I was the one who took care of him for just a while. But he is fine now and very healthy.

I went also for a check-up and my doctor gave me a request and did all of this and go to the laboratory.

I went to do all of the laboratory and it went well even though it hurts but I need to do this for my health.

I went for another check-up to know all of the results of my laboratory as far as I know the doctor said it was pretty good but I have a little problem about my kidney even though I already have a kidney problem they found out that I have s cyst and I don't know what it is. But as my doctor said I have just to increase some medication and just maintain my medicine and just take care of my body and health.

The last thing I had done this CENTENNIAL BREAK is to bond with my best buds and just enjoy life. Oh!! And Don't forget I also did a lot of things beside this.... MY HOMEWORKKKKSSSS AND JUST REVIEWING SOME SUBJECTS. THAT'S ALL!