Game Genres




There are many game genres, platforms used and technology involved to create games and different genres, in this presentation I will be explaining what technology is used and what kind of genres there are for games along with what platforms are used.

                                                       League Of Legends

League Of Legends (LoL) is a MOBA game (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) which means you work as a team for the whole length of a game in order to become victorious by destroying the enemy Nexus (their base)

There are 5 people either side and throughout the game you have to gain gold to buy new items and weapons to become more strong, as you get further into the game you have to destroy the enemies towers to get to their base.

There are 3 lanes and a jungle: Top is a one-on-one player lane, top players will often go as a "Tank" which is someone who is strong and has a high sustainability. Mid lane is mainly an "AP Carry" position, which means players who are good at playing ability power champions will cover that lane. Jungle is someone who enjoys going around the friendly jungle and picking up buffs and experience in order to gank, (visit a teammates lane to help) junglers often need high mobility so they can have constant lane presence and harass on the enemy team. Lastly there is bot lane, this lane consists of a support and an ADC "Attack Damage Carry" the "ADC's" role is to farm up and get incredibly strong while the support, does what it's told.. To support them, keep them alive and to engage on the enemy when they feel like they can take the enemy on and secure kills for their team. The platform used for League Of Legends is Microsoft Windows, OS X, the sourced used for League Of Legends is Unity 3D Torque.

                                        DOTA (Dawn Of The Ancients)

DOTA (Dawn Of The Ancients) is a game very similar to League Of Legends but has a different choice of heroes, items and play-styles. The objective of the game is roughly the same as it is in League Of Legends, in order to win you must destroy the enemies turrets to get into their base then destroy their base. There are still 3 lanes followed by the same roles as League Of Legends, the only difference between these games are the layout of the game and the controls which are a little bit more complex. DOTA also uses the platform Microsoft Windows, OS X but also can be ran on Linux. The engine used for DOTA to run is Source.


                                                        Call Of Duty

Call Of Duty, also known as (CoD) is a FPS genre, which means first person shooter. Call Of Duty is one of the most popular FPS games in the world, it is a combination of single player, which is the campaign, multiplayer with a different variety of game modes, and special ops which is online score boarding. You start as rank 1 and begin to make your way to the top of the ranks (depending on which Call Of Duty you play) with multiple prestige's, guns and killstreaks to unlock.

The aim of Call Of Duty is to kill people, rank up and become the best in your own way, their are many platforms used for Call Of Duty but the first one to be used for this game was Microsoft Windows. The engine used for Call Of Duty is Infinity Ward which is also the games developers.

                                                       Dead Island

Dead Island is features an open world roaming system, most of the gameplay is built around questing and combat, players level up by questing and gaining experience in which they then gain skills by putting a "point" into their "skill tree" the game is based around finding survivors within a zombie apocalypse, so your job is to rescue them and kill zombies as you go through the campaign. The platforms for this game are Playstation 3, Xbox360, Linux and Windows Microsoft, OS X, the engine used for Dead Island is Chrome Engine.


                                                      World Of Warcraft (WoW)

World Of Warcraft is an MMORPG, which means "Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game." In most MMORPG games you will control an avatar of your customization and begin your adventure into the online worlds, you will interact with other players, earn experience, quest and gain levels throughout the game.

In World Of Warcraft you can choose between 2 factions, the Alliance or the Horde. Within each faction there are 5 races in each and 1 mutual race. For the Alliance the races are: Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Dranei, Night Elf, Worgen and the mutual race is a Pandaren. For the Hordes races there are: Undead, Orc, Tauren, Goblin, Blood Elf and Troll.

Throughout the game you will gain levels through experience, questing and doing dungeons on the side, when you get higher levels and further into the game you will be starting to "gear up" for raids, which are dungeons but a lot more difficult, with more bosses, loot and rare items. Raids go from 10-25 man and reset ever 24 hours, you can also create guilds to do raids with, so if you do a raid with your guild members you will be able to co-ordinate each other better in fights.

World Of Warcraft is also PvP (Player vs Player) as well as PvE (Player vs Environment) in PvP you will obtain different gear than the gear in PvE because of the different stats that will boost your character up. The platform used for WoW is Microsoft Windows, OS X.


Runescape is a third person MMORPG game, you click your mouse on the screen to select where your character moves to or what interaction he does. In Runescape you also gain levels by quests, monsters and training skills. There are a variety of skills within the game your character can level up to the max (99). There are many mini-games within Runescape that have requirements like being a member, if you're a member you have a lot more options in the game. A member is paying a monthly subscription for the game in order to receive in-game benefits. People who choose to play the game without paying for subscription are F2P which is Free "2" Play, this means they will have a limited amount of roaming in the game and will not be able to do as much as members can.

The platforms used on Runescape are Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, OS X, Java. The engine used to run Runescape is called RuneTek.

Positive Impacts on Gaming in society

  • Increase hand-eye co-ordination.
  • Meet new people
  • Create teams
  • Improved accuracy and ability to multi-task.
  • Offer new opportunities to play professionally.

Negative Impacts on Gaming in society

  • Can isolate your child from society.
  • Can confuse games with reality if played for too long.
  • Can give off bad messages to children and the wrong content.
  • Can irritate eyes if playing all day.
  • Can pick up bad language if a game is not going to the players rights and become an influence on others.