Cervantes Universal
Universal Shakespeare

To what extent are
Shakespeare and Cervantes
still present in our society?

The primary goal of the project is to show the universality of Cervantes and Shakespeare, which is why, from the start, the participation of different educational stages and areas has been highly encouraged. Mirroring the ubiquity of both authors in our society, the project will be open to include a considerable number of students, their ages ranging from 3 to 60+ and their language level including A1 to C1.

The 400th anniversary of the death of both Shakespeare and Cervantes is used as the springboard to explore many language and literature issues as well as cultural and historical aspects related to their countries of birth, UK and Spain. Both authors are the thread connecting each of the activities in the project as the students explore the history of both countries, learn about scientific discoveries, design their own school trip and create several arts and crafts related to the world of Shakespeare and Cervantes.

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