What Was Women's Style Like in Ancient Egypt?
by: Carter Murr

Types of Clothing

Ancient Egypt woman wore many types of clothing. They mainly dressed for style. Clothing was optional for Ancient Egyptians. The wealthier you were the more and nicer clothing you had. Styles wore plain back then, the most common color was white. Back then if you wore wool you weren't aloud in the temple, people back then did not like wool and thought it was dirty. Some people would wear short capes over the shoulder. Most people normally went barefoot.

Women's Dresses

Women mostly wore dresses. They normally had shoulder length headdresses they wore either white or colorful. The most common dresses were the linen dresses. In the later periods woman wore elaborate dresses.

Women's Hairsytles

Women mainly had long heavy wigs for their hair style. They thought it was fashionable to shave their heads. The women would perfume their wigs. It was more common for the wealthier women to wear wigs. They mainly wore them to have protection from the sun.

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