Cesare Della Santina

An Entrepreneur in the Produce Sector

About Cesare Della Santina

A business leader with decades of experience in the produce industry, Cesare Della Santina leads CDS Foods in his capacity as president and CEO. Originally named CDS Brokers, the firm initially focused on securing fresh produce like garlic, ginger and shallots from Asia and Europe. However, Cesare Della Santina soon discovered there was very high demand for quality produce, and so the brokerage became an importer to better satisfy such demand.

After more than 12 years of success, Mr. Della Santina decided to change the name of the business to CDS Foods. Along with the name change, the company chose the tagline "More Than Just Garlic" to indicate the firm’s dealings with foods like dragon fruit, tropicals & exotics, and other offerings. The rebranding effort will help the firm reach out to innovative up-and-coming chefs interested in finding new flavors to enhance their dishes.

Outside of his professional life, the businessman commits himself to the local community through his support of charity golf tournaments and fundraising galas. During his free time, he enjoys collecting coins and listening to rock and roll.

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