Email Etiquette
by Bella Rodriguez

1. We interact more and more it will become harder to discuss problems or questions with teachers.

2. Without immediate feedback the reader might be easy for them to be misunderstood

3. Basics,tone, attachments, complaints, good and bad topics for email

4. When you email a teacher you must always include your full name and class period or division

5. Think twice whether not the content of the email is appropriate correspondence and use professional font not decorative

6. Always use a positive tone avoid using negative words use smiles or winking when graphic symbols are appropriate

7. When you are sending attachments include email the filename consider sending rich text format or portable document format

8. You should briefly state the history of the problem explain the attempts of trying to fix the problem show why it is critical for the reader to fix the problem

9. You should email the teacher if you have a easy question that can be answered in a paragraph or less or have an assignment that you are allowed to submit through via email

10. Don’t try to submit an assignment through email if your teacher has specified against it if you have to get an extension for assignments do it in person don’t bring up any topic that may have continuous conversation if things become heated there may be a misunderstanding

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