Justin Bieber

Cartoon by:

Emma Johnson

1. There are two events that inspired this cartoon,

a) Justin Bieber was deported for extremely inappropriate behavior.....

b) John Boehner said that "immigration is still iffy".

2. President Obama and Justin Bieber are the only two real people in this cartoon.

3. a) The TV represents the media; television.

b) The kid with the Elvis hair represents Justin Bieber.

4. The author's opinion is that Justin's behavior, is so ridiculous that it sets a bad example of people from other countries, and becoming a citizen should be harder, because now even JB was in the U.S. and he did wrong things.

5. I disagree with the author on one thing, 1st Obama has the best interest of everyone, not everyone comes to the U.S. knowing our language, and Justin Bieber was bad, but immigration is about making a new beginning for those who need them.

By Stephen Dinan -The Washington Times: House Speaker John A. Boehner said Tuesday that he still hasn’t decided whether to move forward with immigration bills this year, saying the timing remains a hot topic within the GOP.

Mr. Boehner released principles at a GOP retreat last week that embraced border security and legalization for most illegal immigrants, with younger illegal immigrants also having a specific new pathway to citizenship.