The Best Kept Office Copier Secrets – Tips To Make Major Savings For Your Business

When you look closely at your operating expenses as an office owner or business enterprise, you will discover that a major chunk of your money is shelled out towards printing and copying. And you will not be the only one who is looking for ways to bring the level of these expenses down to manageable limits. Here are some of the most well kept office copier secrets that will help you in fulfilling this ambition.

Go for leasing rather than buying

In case you have not acquired an office copier already, let me tell you about the benefits of leasing the machine than actually buying it. While purchasing the asset will put a huge strain on your current cash flows, leasing it will allow you to make the best use of the technology at a fraction of the cost. This option allows you to let go of all worries and responsibilities of repairing and maintaining the copier and also offers you the chance of selecting from a wide range of models and features without worrying about the cost. This option is the best way to go, especially for start up enterprises and small scale organisations.


While with purchasing the machine, upgradations happen to be a huge hassle, involving selling the existing asset and spending a huge amount on acquiring a new second one, leased office copiers make the task quite easier. Even if you signed a 60 months lease, you can normally upgrade it around 36 months - giving you a new copier, with the newer technology and a lower cost per copy, for the exact same price you are paying now - and maybe even a bit less. You can do the same thing on a 36 month lease at around 27 months. Reps do this all the time for companies.

Shop in accordance with CPC

Do not underestimate the cost of pennies either. These expenses can come together to become huge overlays in the long run. These factors can be determined by looking at the CPC levels or Cost Per Copy. So if you are the average small business office which prints about 10,000 black & white copies, prints and faxes each month at about a penny a copy, then you'll be spending $100 a month. If you throw 1000 color copies into the mix at $0.08 a print, then that's another $80/month. Evaluate your office copier machine and model on these terms to understand what you are getting into.

Look for specific settings

Various office copier machines come with in-built features that let owners manage the print output and ink usage. Always look for a copier with settings like ‘Black Only’, ‘Colour Tracker’, ‘Single Click Ledger’ and the like. These can help you bring down your printing and copying expenses almost by half along with allowing you to keep track of your major cost centers.

Just follow these tips and you will be able to make the most of your office copier. Visit to get in touch with the very best name in the business of leasing these machines.

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