Haley Hester

Photography Portfolio

Took this photo of a street light while I was at the Woodway Arberetum for my nature project.

Agave Plant

  • I found this plant while I was out on a walk. I love the perspective of this photo and how the lighting gives the picture a "cool" mood.

Funky Cactus

This is a photo I took of an oddly shaped cactus at the Woodway Arberetum. I shot this picture because of the uniqueness of this particular cactus.

Bark and Berries

I took this picture while I was out taking pictures for my nature project and enjoying the outdoors. I like the unique perspective on this picture and the way that the darkness of the tree contrasts with the light blue sky.

Flower Taking Break

I found this flower sitting perfectly on the arm of a bench I was about to walk past and had to snap a photograph.

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