Oil crisis in Cube
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Other energy sources they can use is hydropower because they are a island. WInd because they surrounded by water. Solar because the sun is almost alway shining. Biomass because after the oil crisis they started planting vegetables and fruits.

They can ride bikes where they need to go. They can also walk but some people can't also ways walk. They have cars but not a lot of gas. Some people push their car to get to one place to another. Cuba has bus for people to ride one. There is other ways to get around in Cuba like trains.

Cuba Economy might be back to its normal self if it continues with renewable sources. well other countries are using up their oil cuba will be using other sources and rising the economy more. When other countries hit their oil crisis the Cuba economy will be back to normal with their lives.

We can help by sending researchers over their to help them come up with new was to get energy. We can also sent technology over their to help them get by. We can also sent some oil over their but they are recovering very nicely.

It looks like that Cuba will be able to mangnes with oil because they have over the last few years.