Double Rose

Jacob Bufford

   My graph is an elaborate flower. It consists of two cosine rose graphs set within a circle graph.  The lemniscate graph represents a set of leaves. My original picture, (that isn't on here because I'm technologically impaired) was of a rabbit. With long ears from a rose graph, a circle head, and 2 Lemniscuses for eyes. Desmos's graphing wasn't helping in capturing a rabbit. So I trashed it and came up with this flower.

   In my original drawing of the rabbit, I simply thought, "what is the cutest thing I could draw to get Mrs. Deister to like it" and well everyone likes bunnies! So I didn't really experiment on it I just used simple shapes to create the bunny, within the proper requirements. Now, I have no proof on here but trust me it was a good bunny.

   While trying desperately to work this stupid computer, I learned I really need to work on getting use to these new fangled computers. Mathematically, I feel I did well, I used proper equations and met an overall design that, though last minute, I'm still happy with. Another thing I found out about myself is I'm extremely lazy and really trying to work on not procrastinating, but maybe later.

   The assignment, though frustrating that I couldn't work the computer, wasn't the joy of my life, but was a project that was more entertaining than others. Like book reports, lame. My only regret is that I procrastinated to long once again. Thank you internet of being my one true distraction. As I read other people's paragraphs to get a feel for how to write in Mathematical Lingo I decided that this is honestly all I got. At this time I'd like to thank you Mrs. Deister for tolerating me. (Note: I only wrote like this to maybe break the tension of grading all the boring serious ones :) )

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