My 7th Grade Year
Catie D.


Top 10 Moments in, around, or just loosely related to school.

Not in order

1. CAMP - A fun way to end the school year. We were still learning things, but in a way that it was all about fun and games.

This is me singing along to 'Viva La Vida' With my cabin mates. Boat trip!

2. LACROSSE - Lax is my life!!! If you don't know what it is, Lacrosse is kind of like soccer, only you are not allowed to touch the ball with any parts of your body. Instead, you use sticks with a net on the head to pass, catch, and score.

3. 'UGLIES' MUSEUM - Starring... the book 'Uglies'. Everyone in our class brought in an 'everyday item' from home and we made a 'museum' starring these 'rusties' objects.

4. OUTSIDERS DAY - Starring the book 'The Outsiders'. Every seventh grader in the school dressed up as either a soc or a greaser and in Language Arts, played a couple games.

5. STEAM/STEM NIGHT -  S: Science,  T: Technology,  E: Engineering,  A: Art,  M: Math. People come here to either display a project they have been working on or just look at other people's projects and possibly get ideas of their own.

6. FIRST DAY - Hey, any excuse to be late to class...

7. BUSRIDES - Honestly. On the bus, My friend Grace and I make vines.  

8. SPRING BREAK - Over spring break, I flew 11 degrees North of the Equator to Costa Rica!

9. MIDEVAL (K)NIGHT - A couple people from the SCA showed up and demonstrated some of the things they did when they fought; one - on - one and team battles. I especially liked it because my Aunt and Uncle are part of the SCA.

10. READING - All the books we read in school, the Harry Potter series, the Hunger Games series ad, of course, all of the Warriors series (every single Warriors book. Multiple times. I can't even express how much I love these books.)

Memorable Moments from HELA class.

  • Radio Dramas

- My group and I worked together to create an audio, which was supposed to be a 'radio drama' from waaaaaaaaaaay back when people just listened to the radio instead of actually being able to watch television. Anyways, My group (and half the class) did a drama about an epidemic that more or less turned people into zombies. (At least, something like them.) There were no guys in our group, so the men in our drama were voiced by girls. It was very interesting. Here it is:

  • Face Morphos

- If you have ever read the book 'UGLIES', you'll know somewhat what I'm talking about. Everyone in our class got a piece of paper with a rough sketch of a woman's face on it. there was a line drawn vertically through the center of the face. One of the sides was Tally's side. The other was Shay's. On the face, we had to draw what Tally and Shay's opinions of being turned pretty were, and how they changed through the course of the book. Also little symbols of how they felt at that time. I colored the hair of mine for how they felt about it - the farther down you get, the farther it is in the book. Yellow is loving it, brown and black are hating it, and white is no feeling whatsoever.

  • 'And Then There Were None' Mystery File Folders

-We read the book 'And Then There Were None' By Agatha Christie at the end of the year. We made 'case files' about the book to organize the reasons for each of the people going to the island, what they were accused of, and how they died.

Some Class Other Than HELA : Science!

In science we studied Biology, Astronomy (which I made another Tackk about) and The Periodic Table of Elements. I think, to me, the Periodic Table was the easiest to learn - we only had to memorize the first 20.: The name of the element, the symbol, and what number it was on the table. Example: H = Hydrogen: 1.


Here is a slideshow of pictures taken throughout the week while we were in camp.

Some of my favorite parts of camp were: 1. The creek walk -- My friend Tatijana and I found a dead crayfish. 2. ARTS AND CRAFTS -- I love making art. 3. Chinese-American games -- The games we played were some of my favorites, and I liked seeing the difference between the Chinese version and the American version. 4. Survival -- I got to boss around some of the guys because I was the only one who knew how to pitch a tent. Also, I'm better at maps. 5. Pond Study -- I do this all the time a home, with the pond and the river in my neighborhood. We had two Tupperware containers that only had water in them. At the end of the study, most of the things in the containers were things I had caught: 17 dragonfly nymphs, 23 mayfly nymphs, 13 large, almost-frog tadpoles (that's what I call them.), 3 baby tadpoles, and a leech. (The leech was in the net, not on my skin.)

This is the song we listened to in our cabin at downtime.

Survival Tips for 7th Grade in Kenston

1. If you Have Mr. Barr for Social Studies, run. Run. RUN. If you have Dr. Bates, don't get on his bad side. He will throw things at you.

2. Actually, don't get on the bad side of ANY of your teachers.

3. If teachers assign more than two and a half pages of homework, make up and excuse to not to do it and move very far away.

4. Don't wait to do your homework - do it immediately. I learned that the hard way.


Be the person who can smile on the worst day.

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Catie -- I love the witty voice that you've used here! You might want to add a short description of what you liked about each of your top ten.

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Honestly, Catie, yes we do. And it is awesome doing it with you!😉 😊

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@MrsKris Ok, done.

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Catie, love your 3rd tip for your Survival Tips for 7th Grade at Kenston. I totally agree with you! 😃 😜

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Great job Catie -- as always, you excel at creative tasks!!!