(The only way to live by)

Many people have ideas and beliefs,but not all follow in the same footsteps. Transcendentalism has a very nice and simplicit way of making our ideas a natural reality. Even though we had many different ideas, our beliefs on beauty and morality were just downright impactful. Beauty is a concept that is different to everyone, we are best known for our view on this topic.We believe that everyone sees beauty in different way and forms. Children see beauty radiating from objects as in toys and candy. While adults see beauty in a natural form as in humans and animals. Morality is concept between good and bad and whether something is right or wrong. Transcendentalism focuses on more the good and right parts of morality when some people like poe always strive to bring the dark parts of the world into the mainstream light. EVen though many people have their own beliefs on every topic known to man, we have a unique and well thought out idea to those topics.

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3 years ago

But how can it'll make you to be a better person? I didn't find anything related to something that can specifically stated how your beliefs could be strongly influencing our personality in order to be a better version of ourselves.