The Last Supper
By Troy Robb

The disciples came to Jesus and asked Jesus where shall we celebrate passover.

Jesus told them to go to the city and set up a meal at some random dudes home.

So they did and Jesus was thrilled, like a lot.

Oh and did I mention he was thrilled like lots of lots like a lots of millions of lots:)

Before the 12 Apostles entered the home for Passover.

Jesus was like yo homies take yo shoes over there yonder and I wash den feet of yours.

The 12 were like um um um um um

Then Jesus washed all them feet

Jesus then popped a squat and said

What up buds just lettin y'all know

that one of you is gonna "stab me in the back/betray"

The 12 were then like

They all repeated Jesus it is not me

Judas the loser said it isn't me

Jesus basically said um ya it actually is you... jerk

Jesus was then like I'm hungry lets eat boyz!!

Jesus then took the bread he then said thanks and broke the bread and gave it to his disciples

He took a cup and said drink from this and you are drinking my blood

Jesus said this is my blood poored out for your sins

Jesus then was like homies you da best, I am pooped out, buddies... outy

Jesus left and the dinner was then over

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