Koppen Climate classification

May 9, 2014

C: Hot, moderate climate

f: Wet Climate

    Precipitates Every Month

    No Dry Season

       *The are two f's for he second letter classification but this f only goes with first letter            A-C-D

  b: Moderate Summer

       - Average temperature of the hottest is less than 22 degrees Celsius

       -  Four hottest monthly temperatures are more than 10 degrees Celsius

         *This code only goes with first letters C or D

Average Temperature:

        - Coldest Month: >27 degrees Fahrenheit

        - Hottest Month: <72 degrees Fahrenheit

Precipitation:  Most precipitation comes from snowfall in the winter. Average out about               six day of rain of seven.

Locations in Which This Occurs:

       - Great Britain

       - Ireland

       - France

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