Panama City Beach Residents Worry About          Safety After Alleged Gang-Rape

In wake of arrests, should spring break be canceled?

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A woman was gang-raped by college students on a packed beach last month. "Within 10 feet of where this is happening, there is hundreds, hundreds of people standing there watching, looking, seeing, hearing what's going on," McKeithen said at a news conference last week.This has the residents questioning just how out of control this tourism mecca has become." There are protest going on right now and the governor is going to impalement new rule. The city officials acknowledge the need to stamp out crime in this Florida Panhandle vacation hot spot, where arrests between March 1 and April 15 totaled 1,091 — up from 324 during the same period last year, according to police data.

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Maintaining Social Order, Authority, Power

The governor is trying to main social order by keeping tight security. The people what heard and watched he 19 year old get raped had authority to call the police or gather a group of people and save the innocent girl but they didn’t know how to use there power correctly.

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