The cell Theory

The three cell theory's

Theory one

All living organism's have one or more cells~ All organism's that are living have cells

Theory two

Cells are the smallest living things, the basic unit of structure an d function in living things~Cells are the building block of all organisms

Theory three

Cells are made from other cells~Cells are made from pre-existing cells


the smallest structural and functional unit of an organism, typically microscopic and consisting of cytoplasm and a nucleus enclosed in a membrane. Microscopic organisms typically consist of a single cell, which is either Eukaryota or prokaryotic


-Move-You have to move in order to grow

-Reproduce- you cant have a few of that species then when they all die out there won t be anymore so you have to create more

-Have cells- To function

-Adaptation- You have to adapt because if you don't you wont know how to survive

-Grow- So you don't stay in a bud, a baby, a seed

-Respond to the environment- You

-Use energy- you have to use energy to grow and live

-Animals and Humans produce carbon dioxode- When animals and humans breathe in oxygen from plants in return we give them Carbon Dioxide which is plants oxygen.

-Eat- you have to eat in order to obtain energy