Happily Ever After

  It was  hot blazing afternoon, everyone was outside working really. All of a sudden Slim began to feel extremely dehydrated. Therefore, he wanted to take his shirt off. As he was removing his suspenders, the leather strap whipped back and hit him in  the face so he is heading back to the bunk house to grab his pills off the shelf above his bed.  He arrives to find Curley's wife, alone, sobbing at the table where they usually play cards. As Slim closed the solid door and locked it, he asked, " What's wrong ?." " Curley and I got into dispute and which lead him to hit me in the face" , she replied sobbing. Slim got a rag and soup from the apple box shelf to clean the blood off of her face. After he cleaned her up he made tea and they began to talk.

   As the conversation went on, he than realized she wasn't as bad as everyone put her out to bed. She just wanted some attention and love since Curley wasn't giving it to her. Curley's wife noticed that Slim is a caring guy unlike Curley. Slim looked at the clock and realized he had to go back to work before it gets late. "Well  it was nice talking to you, but I need to go back to work . If you ever need anyone, you know where to fin me ", Slim said. Before he could open the door she stops from opening the door and looks into his eyes passionately, and he looks back into hers. At that very moment, they noticed that their whole life, all they needed was each other. That night they made a plan to fun away, which they did and happily ever after.

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