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by Dragonstone  

Some of the Middle Ages rooms are........

The Keep

the keep is the most secure and safe place in the castle, the keep is usually 3 storey's high

Bailey or Ward


the Bailey is an open courtyard(open area if land within the castle.

hill that has the keep on the top (not in all castles)

The Great Hall


Meeting place when the king and Queen visit and is the dining room.

iron gate located in the gatehouse or barbican to keep out enemies.

the Solar

private sleeping rooms for guests of the lord and lady


clothing storage room

Great Chamber

the bedroom of the lord and the lady

The Throne Room

place meetings were held when the king and queen were visiting




where the food was prepared


storage area for ale, wine and other beverages

Castles in the Middle Ages were not just for the King and the Queen, most of the castles were for the lord and the lady, there was only one King and Queen in the Europe.  The castles had many rooms the keep was the most important.  If there were any enemy that would come to a castle, there would be a barbican, which is a narrow path that would make it harder for the enemy to get in, there would also be a draw bridge above the mote so that it would be harder for then to get in.   

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