Body Tissues
By: Josh Davis

What Are Tissues?

Tissues are any of the distinct types of material of which animals or plants are made, consisting of specialized cells and their products.

The Four Types of Tissues

I. Muscle Tissue,
II. Nerve Tissue,
III. Epithelial Tissue,
IV. Connective Tissue.

The functions of....

Muscle tissue
Continual maintenance of posture via muscle contractions to either keep body standing or sitting

Nerve Tissue

This regulates and controls bodily functions.

Epithelial Tissue

covering or lining of all external Body tissues.

Connective Tissue

To support and connect body parts.

Specialization of Epithelia

1. Lateral cell surfaces
2. Maintain close cell-to-cell contact and form covering sheets
3. Epithelium structurally and functionally polarized to increase efficiency of absorption and transport

Location Of The Tissues

Epithelial is the skin.
Muscular Is the muscles.
connective is found throughout the body.
nerve tissues are the nerves.

The End.

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