Fishing - Day 4

After my success on Fishing Creek yesterday I thought why not give it a shot today? Seemed like a good idea, but after spending 4 hours on the stream without a strike it was time to move on. Next stop Spring Creek! Rather than heading to Fisherman's Paradise I went to Benner's Springs. Good choice! As I walked the stream to locate a place to fish I noticed lots of seaweed - yuck! Tough fishing! Walking on a little more I found a riffle an decided to give it a shot with nymphs. Within 10 minutes I was into fish landing a 12" brown. I nymphed for another 45 minutes with no further action and waded to the flat water at the head of the riffle. With all the seaweed in this area I opted for dry flies. I tried a few small patterns and casted to the circles. Pretty quickly I had another fish on! I fished this same section for the ext two hours landing about 7 more fishing mostly in the 10" range. In the clear shallow water just ahead of me I could see a number of larger fishing sitting at the bottom of the stream. They had no interest in moving for a dry fly and I tried to tempt them with a nymph dropper hanging off of my dry fly, but they could not be persuaded. I fished until 8:00 then headed for dinner at Elk Creek Cafe! While the beer was good, the menu has been reduced to pub food - too bad as it was the only place around to get a decent
A couple pictures follow below, but these fish are really nothing special - only partial evidence of catch of the day.

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