ISIS claims blast near U.S. Consulate in Irbil, Iraq

Summary of Story/ Link

ISIS claimed responsibility for a suicide car bomb attack on Friday in the city of Irbil. Supposedly the US. Consulate was the target, and at least four people were killed and eighteen people were injured. According to the article a small explosion irrupted and then a car began to move towards the Consulate, police started to shoot at the car and it exploded before it got to the building. The explosions happened near shops and bars where Consulate employees may have been. This was an terrorist attack.

Explanation of Concepts

The concepts present in this article are power, legitimacy and coercion.

Power and coercion is presented in the article because ISIS is preforming these terrorist attacks on the US for a reason and they want to harm us and scare us until we do what they want. Legitimacy is presented because if someone didn't think that ISIS is serious about the attacks they are showing now that they are 100% serious.

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