Jesus Garcia

                        College Project #ACESL6


    1. Letter of Intent

    2. Embedded Video with Link to Official Website

    3. College Application

    4. Letter of Recommendation

    5. Presentation

    6. FAFSA Form

                          Letter of Intent

April 28, 2015

500 W. University Ave.

El Paso, TX. 79968

Dear UTEP:

My name is Jesus Garcia, and I am writing this letter to try to convince you that I could join your college for the following reasons:

First, I want to join because I like the campus that you build and I think it could be cool to be there. Also because I am interested in the career of mechanical engineering and to be part of the soccer team.

Second, my family wants me to attend UTEP because they support me, and they trust in me and they think I can be the one to have a good future. This is why I want to join UTEP, so they can be proud on me.


Jesus Garcia.

            Letter of Recommendation

Dear Dr. Diana Natalicio:

I am pleased to recommend John Rubio to be admitted to the University of Texas at El Paso. Here is some reason why he is a great match for your school.

First, he is very responsible and is able to do all that challenges that you tell him. He also has a good education; he had a 99 in his GPA and had some many awards for being one of the best students during the high school.

He is a person that he could help to the school, is very participative in classes and for other stuffs, also can help students when they need it. And he probably could get  good grades and graduate from your college with a career.


Jesus Garcia

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