Learning to Teach
Day 11: Partner Presentations

Today was all about the student presentations. I had a bit different experience with each class. My first class went fast, however that is because there were several pairs that either did not finish their project, or that their partner was not here.

That seemed to be something that every class had to some extent.

Most of the projects looked really nice, you could tell what students worked together and did their research for the project, and which students did not work together or did not do enough research. I was generally happy with the outcome.

One thing that I know I could change about the partner projects is clarify how even though your partner is not here because they are sick or simply absent, it is not an excuse to not have your work. While I originally planed that the patterns will help each other, in this aspect it seemed to do the opposite. So for partner and even group projects for the future, really hitting this home is something I will need to do.   

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