The School Holiday Recount

TreeTop Adventure

During the School Holidays, my Family and I went to place called TreeTop Adventure. While we were on the road we passed The Great Ocean Road and big cliffs on the way, it took hours to get there because there were lots of directions to go, even there were swirly roads that leaded to Treetop Adventure. When we first arrived in the building I instantly saw a souvenir shop, cafe and of course the register counter. My Mum went up to the register counter and gave the lady our tickets for the zip line tour. We had to wait for a few minutes, because we had to wit for the other group to finish. When it was our turn we had to go with 2 people because it would of been a small group for them so, they added  them to our group. We had to attache the hook on the zip line and we had to sit down and put our feet up and our instructor would push us. On the way they told us about the forest and trees. There were about 9 stations so we can see the view and everything. After the zip line tour, we went on the walk to see more fascinating things and we even got to see the view above, even though we weren't on the zip line. During the walk there were more information about the wild life and more about the plants. When we got back to the main area, my Mum and I were the most exhausted ones out of our family. We took a break by taking a snack that we packed and after that we quickly got a souvenir and then we got a different direction because we didn't want to go back to the swirly roads because my parents didn't want to make me dizzy again and it took about 2 hours to get back home.

By: Kaseylae

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