Yellow labs

By: Avery

Guard Dogs

So you know how you could buy cameras your house!?Well a guard dog is the best kind security, and costs the least they could keep your home safe .now say you have a price less artifact guard dogs can also watch if they’re not bones.


Now you have to feed the dog or you know what will happen, the dog belly up.Now you also have to clean it to, or it’ll smell like it just came out of the ground.P.U.!!!!

What the dog looks like

You can infer that the dog has yellow fur because the name is the yellow lab.Now if wondering they don’t get very big they’re about medium size. But they doshed. ALOT!!!!!

Having a pet

Now if you own a yellow lab you have to take owner ship. When you do you don’t want To abuse the dog or go to jail, it’s not fun trust me I know. But have never been to jail though.

And I defiantly don’t want to either. Well have fun