Buzz Words And Google Glass

After spending 4 days of networking, smashing tacos and some Austin weirdness I have finally touched down back in South Cackalacky.

Number one question I have gotten today? How was it?

It was GREAT because of the networking and learning experiences. I am a sucker for a good networking event. However, there are two serious issues that I need to adress on here. BUZZ WORDS AND GOOGLE GLASS!

BUZZ WORDS: Like the bottomless chips and salsa at anyone of the fine eateries in Austin, buzz words were in abundance this past week. Innovation, white pages, redefine education, disruption, PEDAGOGY....come on really is there a need to repeat pedagogy over and over and over, I got it you read educational journals, KUDOS. Like rocking the newest pair of JORDANS, those words make us feel better and frankly look cooler. The reality is just as those JORDANS wont make you a better basketball player, these Buzz Words are not going to make the education system better. Words are nothing without action. Frankly, a pannel of people talking about changes they see coming in education and CHURCHING it up with a few fancy words will in fact not bring any change. It may jumpstart the engine but unless we as educators and mentors stop complaining about the system and start listening to students (our customers) and then putting the feedback into action nothing will change. Simple Business Modle Canvas, Lean start Up stuff homies..listen to the customer and then create. Change the education system not by lathering me up with your fancy words but by taking ACTUAL physical actions to make positive impacts.

Google Glass: Stop! Like the BlueTooth ear piece of 2001, its 2014 relative (Google Glass) is just as socially awkward and I have yet to see the true benefit of either.! The number of "visionaries," in education walking around with these things was absurd. Where was the memo? I didn't see it in the registration packet! More importantly what came from that. Did anyone actually use the GG or was it just an attempt at making yourself look important? It is all about perception in this world. The problem is if you are going to leverage things like Google Glass to be "cool" or "cutting edge" you better be ready to show up or shut up. Just like throwing out BUZZ WORDS, strapping on a pair of robot eyes and having Google label you as an "education tester" means nothing if you are not going to start making some serious system shattering changes. This means putting our careers on the line to see these changes, take that risk and punch mediocrity in the throat.

Action Steps aka PLAY ON PLAYAS

1. Lay off the BUZZ WORDS

2. Get some RayBans they are just as cool

3. Time to put our careers on the line, less talk more action. If we expect our students to take risks daily we have to do it ourselves.