The Bubonic Plague and its Affects on the Church

                                                                   By: Caleb Hadland

The Bubonic Plague affected the church in two ways. One way was that the order was destroyed, very slowly and the other reason is that they sold too much. The order was destroyed when peasants revolted. Three reasons that the peasants revolted were because the peasants formed rebellions, resented all who were higher in rank than them, and that the peasants were upset about the higher standard of living. Another reason for the downfall of the church was that the church sold unnecessary things. The church sold freedom to its serfs. The church sold time out of purgatory. That meant that peasants could buy time away from the time it takes god to judge them. The church also sold offices in the church. The Bubonic Plague helped with the fall of the Church during the fall of feudalism for two main reasons. One was that over time the order was destroyed and the other was that the church sold too many things.