Computer Graphics & Animation

by Genesis McCree

Session 1

During session 1, my partner and I got to create our own stop-motion animation. We got to use a webcam, stop-motion software, and two avatars to create our stop-motion movie. Below is the outcome of our first stop-motion.

Session 2

In session 2, we used the webcam to make two pictures. Then, we used the software to apply a morphing effect onto the pictures.

Session 3

We added primitive objects onto the carrara 8 software to make a jack in the box named Jack. Then, we got to start working on our animated movie.

Session 4

We had to add a shader and movement to Jack. Then we had to continue working on the animated movie and test render jack.

Session 5

We got to add toys with Jack. Then we continued to finish the animated movie we started in session 3.

Session 6

We got to make our logo for the movie, add movement to the logo, and start to design the final project.

Session 7

We got to finish designing our final 3-d animation and complete our animated movie.

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer works in the computer graphics and animation field. They design logos, websites, advertise, and computer games. It is associated with my module because they both use program softwares like Cararra 8 and make different things like the Jack we made.