hard luck

I'm reading diary of wimpy kid hard luck which is the eighth book in the series. Greg Heffly is in middle school. His best friend Rowly has a girlfriend. I'm surprised he has a girlfriend because he is immature. He is immature because he wears kiddy t-shirts and rides a pink bike with training wheels.

I think the auther  wrote this book like a diary. since its saying the story by saying the moments of his lifes in order. I also believe that the auther is doing this so you see the important moments in life.

you should raed this book because it shows you every story is important to life.also remember that to nver give up on something in life. READ this book to see why.

some things that might catch your eyes are. rowly  has a girlfriend although hes the dumb one.also that rowly is  imature because he has a pink bike and baby shirts.