Country: Vir Fortis

Welcome to the country for Superheroes! It's a very small country that only superheroes are allowed access to.

      This country was founded by Don Diego de la Vega and the Scarlet Pimpernel, the first ever superheroes, in 1920.  They established it to give superheroes a safe haven.  All superheroes are allowed to enter this country.  Soon after being established,several superheroes, including their families (if they had one) relocated to Vir Fortis.  My country is located near the center of the Atlantic Ocean, so that all other countries are easily accessible.

Economy: In my country they use PowerDollars. These dollars come in 1's, 5's, 10's,20's,50's and 100's.  They  have a traditional  economy, where they offer protection to countries/cities in exchange for goods. My country's economy works on an international level, being able to barter internationally due to heroes from different countries living there.

Security/Protection: Vir Fortis has some of the best security in the world. It is protected by several military/police forces such as the Nova Corp and S.H.I.E.L.D. The military presence is very high in Vir Fortis due to the fact that it can be attacked at any time by enemies. Even if there weren't these types of forces around, most of these heroes can take care of themselves.

Shelter: My people live in large cities.  The population isn't very big,due to the fact that there aren't many superheroes.  The architecture is High-tech Architecture, also known as Late Modernism, that combines elements of high-tech industry and technology with building design.  These types of buildings reveal their structure on the outside, with emphasis on the metal and/or concrete internal skeleton.

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