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Digital Provocations

Watch Dan Meyer's clip on Real World Math

Check out these resources:

  • Thought provoking mathematical questions
  • Tap in to Teen Minds has a collection of 3 part math lessons that are searchable by Ontario Curriculum Expectations
  • You may also like the challenges shared on Math Pickle or some of the clips from Ted-Ed's Math in Real Life playlist.
  • Matthew Oldridge (PDSB Math RT) Blog has a great number of questions

Capturing Student Thinking

What app would you use to capture student thinking?
How could you convey a mathematical process with one of the discussed apps?

Let's do some Math!

The Travassos Show!

Primary Question

Select one example question. Use one of the apps to convey a mathematical process.

Gurpreet just got this super cool Pokemon book in the Scholastic order that he could not wait to read. He got the book on Monday and wanted to read all 34 pages by Friday so Gurpreet got started.

  • On Monday, Gurpreet read 6 pages
  • On Tuesday Gurpreet read 9 pages
  • On Wednesday Gurpreet read 4 more pages than Monday
  • On Thursday Gurpreet read 6 less pages than Tuesday
  • On Friday Gurpreet read 4 pages

Did Gurpreet read all 34 pages by Friday? Justify your thinking and show all of your work.

Junior/Intermediate Question

Imagine for a second a new aquarium is opening. Somebody has to design the tanks for all the fish. Let it be us!

Research the size of a species you want in your tank. Design the tank the size you think it should be.  Come up with realistic dimensions for the tank.

  • 1 gallon is about 4 Litres
  • 1 inch is about 2.5 cm
  • 1 L = 1000 cm3 (cubed)

Design the tank, with a labelled diagram. Include all calculations, including volume and capacity of the tank.

What were your results? Let's reflect.

There are many places to engage in the math conversation online:

What will you try this week / this month / this year?

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