Ancient Japan

Hi my name is Julia Redmon  I'm going to tell u about Japanese nobles create great art, fashion, literature, visual arts, architecture, performing arts, and the religion. Now I have been working on this and I want a good grade so I'm just going to do this. Mrs.Sanders I know your reading this and it's not going to be very good and I'm sorry for not doing a good job. Ok I'm going to start now.

Did u know that Japanese noble had easy lives? There were also removed from the rest of Japan. Japanese nobles called themselves "dwellers among the clouds."  I know right that's crazy. I don't have an easy life. Many of the nobles were great supporters of the arts, the period between 794 and 1185 was a golden age of the arts in Japan.

Now I know you LOVE fashion because u have a good sense of it. I mean u where it ever day almost! Your fashion is different from today than the fashion in Japan. The nobles had magnificent wardrobes full of silk robes and gold jewelry.