by Francesca P.

I have read lots of books

Thanks to the ReadOn project we had a wonderful opportunity to read in class and at home. This year I have read a lot of books, but my favourite is “The phantom of the Opera”. This book is a Gothic novel written by Gastone Leroux. It was first published in French in 1909, and in 1911 in English. In the story there are 19 characters. The most important are: Erik who is the Phantom of the Opera house and Christine Daaé, a young singer who the phantom falls in love with. Other characters are Raoul (Christine's love), the persian (a mysterious man from Erik's past), Philippe (Raoul's brother), Armand Moncharmin and Firmin Richard (the new managers oh the Opera House), Madame Giry (the box keeper), Meg Giry (Madame Giry's doughter), La Carlotta (the lead soprano of the Opera House), The inspector and La Sorelli (the lead dancer).


The uncovering

The story starts with the triumph of Christine Daaé at the Opera House in Paris. At the gala evening, her old childhood friend, Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny, hears her sing and recalls his love for Christine. At this time there are rumors of a Phantom living inside the Opera. The Phantom shows his existence through letters which he to the manager and a series of malevolent acts. Some time after the gala, while Carlotta was playing the lead against the Phantom's wishes, she suddenly Carlotta loses her voice during her performance and the grand chandelier fell into the audience. Christine is kidnapped by the phantom and taken to his home in the cellars of the Opera House. Here the phantom reveals his true identity to her simply as Erik, though he does not tell her his real name. He plans to keep her there for a few days, in the hope that she will love him.

The story of "the Phantome of the opera"

One day Christine manages to unmask him and sees his face. Both are overwhelmed by horror. Fearing that she will leave him, Erik decides to keep her with him forever. However, when Christine implores to be released after two weeks, he agrees on condition that she wears his ring and remains trusty to him. Christine does not keep her promise and tells Raoul that Erik abducted her. Raoul promises to take Christine away to a place where Erik will never find her. Christine, however, feels sorry for Erik and will not go until she has sung a last song for him. Unfortunately, Erik overhears their conversation and gets extremely jealous. The next night Erik tries to force Chistine to marry him, threatening that if she doesn't agree, he will use explosive to destroy the entire Opera House. When Erik is alone with Christine, he lifts his mask to kiss her on her forehead, and is given a kiss back. Erik reveals that it was the first time for him to be kissed and is overcome with emotion. Finally, Erik allows Christine and Raoul to escape on the condition that she promises to visit him once on the day of his death. Christine gives him bach the golden ring that he had given her. Some time later Christine returns to Erik's place, buries him and returns the gold ring. Afterwards, a local newspaper runs the simple note: "Erik is dead".