Use The Right Marketing Apps To Make Your Event A Success

Event marketing is frenzied, intense, chaotic, and mostly thankless. One needs to give everything they have….tireless work for months, complete physical and creative inputs…..ultimately for what! In the end, all the compliments, kudos, and the praises that you garner may seem almost insignificant in lieu of the efforts that you put in, but that's how it works.

A lot is involved in making your event a success. Simply planning everything is not enough. Besides,

Figuring out the agenda

Ordering food

Booking the venue

Deciding on the speakers

Contacting entertainers

You will also need to help the attendees with,

Great experiences

Smooth registration process

Easy finding of meeting room

Visit to exhibiter hall

Timely receptions

Find peers or friends

Fail to do it and you will have to live with it for the rest of your marketing life. There won't be any end to ongoing reminders in event surveys, and God forbid in Tweets - the fastest way the news can travel across the world!

Whenever the going gets tough, technology comes to the rescue! Here too, you can make the best use of technological innovations in the form of apps tailored to the needs of event marketing companies. So what are these applications?

These are downloadable phone apps or web apps that people can easily access with their Smartphone browser. In its most standard form it can augment or even, replace printed traditional show guides. This offers detailed information related to sponsor profiles, speaker, agenda and convention centre or hotel maps. The attendees will be able to refer to these directly on their Smartphone screens. Advanced apps also provide numerous options as guest schedule builder, real-time polls, and networking tools to increase face-to-face interactions.

§ Educate & engage people

§ Forge new relationships

§ Build stronger brand value

§ Increase revenue generation

§ Improve sales process

The growth of mobile technology today is phenomenal. You cannot think of life without your ubiquitous tablet or Smartphone. Ingenious marketers understand the colossal opportunities inherent in this platform and spare no pain in exploring the possibilities. Conversions becomes easy when you can tell your attendees that they can,

§ Go for on-site communication

§ Reduce their printing costs

§ Enjoy enhanced networking

§ Experience outstanding digital experience

§ Use the latest sponsorship platforms

Event planning apps can help you to give an experiential marketing experience to your customers. It incorporates the novelty element and as such drives the success of your event. Presence of technology relationships saves both money and time for the organizers.

Now, the question may arise which is the best app for your requirements? It depends upon the degree of interactivity you want to give to the attendees. Also, it's important that everybody related to the team understands the software thoroughly and helps the guests enjoy optimal benefits.


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