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By: Sir. Dr. Mr. Dennis Logan Workman VI


How can perseverance affect someone?

In my opinion The Maze Runner by James Dashner was a great book. It was a good story about Thomas, who one day woke up in a maze with no memory of anything except his name. There were other boys like him who had woke up in this maze with no memory. Everyday the walls to enter the maze opened and every night they shut. During the night the walls would shift and nobody knew why. So every day, they would look for a way out. One day everything changed when a girl, named Teresa, showed up with a note that said it was the end. The walls quit shutting and the terrible creatures called Grievers would come and kill one person every night. Thomas and Teresa figured out that the walls spelled out a code and helped all of the remaining kids escape from the Maze. I believe this book was very well written and it was one of the best books I have read in a long time.

Big Question

Through out the book, Thomas and the Gladers had to overcome many obstacles. The had to fight to survive daily. Their perseverance is what carried them through until the end. "That was what kept him running. She was alive."

The Scorch Trials by James Dashner is the second book of the Maze Runner series. I thought it was just as good and well-written as the first book. It was suspenseful and had me wanting to read more. After Thomas and the Gladers escape from the maze, the figure out they are part of an experiment by WICKED. The world is infected with a disease called the Flare. It infects the minds of its victims and causes them to slowly go insane. Throughout the book Thomas meets new allies and has to make it through a city full of crazy, bloodthirsty Cranks. They have one week to make it to the other side of the mountains where they are told they will be given the cure to the Flare.

Big Question

Throughout the book Thomas will do anything to survive and get the cure. All of the Gladers persevere in different ways. They have to live with the thought of being killed everyday. "There was nothing stopping Thomas now".

The Death Cure is the third book in the Maze Runner series by James Dashner. I felt that it was very suspenseful and well-written. Thomas and all of the Gladers are taken to the headquarters of WICKED. WICKED has devices implanted in their brains so they can control them. Thomas, Minho, and Newt decide to break out. They escape and head to Denver, Colorado where the Flare hasn't spread yet. Here they meet a rebel group and destroy WICKED. Over 200 people that are immune to the Flare escape and go to a place where there is no civilization and start to rebuild the human race. I loved this book and could not put it down.  

Big Question

Thomas has to once again, you guessed it, keep himself from dying! They fight off hordes of Cranks and destroy WICKED, who put all of the Gladers through this series of trials. They endure the hardships and are finally, at last, free. "Finally at last, they had beaten WICKED"

Tyrone "Muggsy" Bogues Jr. was the shortest player to ever play in the NBA standing at only 5'3. He came from the projects of Baltimore. His life growing up was tough. He was shot at the age of 5 and his father went to prison. Muggsy learned to be tough and never give up. He went on to go undefeated in his high school years playing ball for Dunbar. After high school he was the starting point guard for Wake Forest where he broke records and excelled on the basketball court. When his career at Wake Forest was over, Muggsy then moved on to the NBA. He had finally accomplished his dream. Even in the NBA he still faced criticism for his height. But he continued to prove them wrong when he led the leagues in assist and steals, proving that he was capable of playing with the best.  

Big Question

"I was a fighter from the beginning"-Muggsy Bogues

Throughout life Muggsy had to overcome many hardships. He did what nobody believed he could do. Not only did he make it to the NBA, but he was also an All-Star there. Everyone told him that he was to short to even play at the high school level. He proved them all wrong with his hard work and perseverance.

My Answer

Everyone will face something that will be hard for them at some point in life. Their level of perseverance can effect them positively or negatively. If someone can persevere through the difficulties to achieve their goals then it will affect them in a positive way.

Connection to Students

This connects to students in many different ways. From seniors trying to get all of Norb's work done to kids pushing to get through those last sprints in practice, most of us face some type of perseverance quite often. Those who suffer from the rare lung disease, pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, have to overcome obstacles caused by this disease daily.

My connection

Muggsy had to push himself to become as good as he was at basketball. He was always doing things to make himself better. This relates to me with football. I am always pushing myself to be better.

This book is the one!

In the Land of Giants by Tyrone Bogues Jr. is a masterpiece that you do not want to miss out on! This book tells the inspirational tale of Muggsy's rise to stardom and the obstacles he had to overcome to get there. Only 5'3, he is the shortest player to ever play! This book was made for you! Come on down to Big Bill's Book Store and get your copy today!

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