• Your lifesyle is how you pick it but you should keep this in your mind as you keep reading. Your body can only keep up with you so much. Poor lifestyle can lead to Alcohol abuse, Poor diet, Stress, and Not being able to do what you want. Some of these thing you can prevent like : Stop smoking its the best thing to do to improve your health. Smoking can you you cancer and also treats your lungs bad. Also stop Drinking it increases the chance of gettting major disease and such as mouth and throat cancer. Here is an other thing you should thing about. Being more active instead of take the elivater take the stairs try to walk10,000 step,s a day or even being active with your kids. Try to mantain your health by wrighting how much you work out a day. If you really wanna stop go to a doctor and ask for ideas to here the web sit if you dont wanna go to a doctor http://smokefree.gov/ Thats just one of them look up what you need help with and it will take you too help. I hope this will help you pick a better choice to health and i hope you will go outside and do more stuff then sit on your butt and do nothing. Thanks for reading!
  • http://www.nhs.uk/choiceintheNHS/Lifechoices/Pages...
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