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My boyfriend and I are traveling the country doing charity work, camping, organic farming, and working wherever we can to support our lifestyle.

He has been a licensed electrician for fifteen years and can do any job related to electricity. He has all basic electricity tools.

I am a licensed spa therapist with seven years experience as a LMT and I do chair massages, mini facials and waxing and carry basic necessary supplies. I also have a bachelor's in psych and have been a life coach and counselor.

We are both capable of doing any outdoor or indoor work you may have that falls under the category of electricity, general labor and maybe some carpentry related jobs. If it's a longer job we have a tent if you have space for it, and our fees are negotiable.

Examples of jobs we would consider:

-- Painting

-- Installation

-- Renovation

-- Interior decorating

-- Creating a mural

-- Working at carnivals

-- Art therapy

-- Writing articles, short stories, technical writing, ghostwriting

-- Moving heavy objects from one place to another

-- Caring for children or animals (please no large dogs)

-- Mini spa day

-- Aromatherapy, natural healing

-- Any electrical work

Here is a preliminary schedule of where we'll be. (If you just saw our ad on craigslist, we're nearby -- contact us!)

Early Sept 2014: Vermont, New York

Late Sept 2014: Ohio

Oct-Dec 2014: Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida

Jan-March 2015: Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi

March - April 2015: Texas, Nevada, Arizona, California

Schedule subject to change.

Email me if you have a job for us, wherever you are. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please send email to and let us know where you are, details about the job, time you'd need the job done and any other relevant info.

Thank you!

Joanna & Frankie

We painted the shed together !!

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